Valid thru 12/11/19. When scheduling just let me know you are using the Bye Bye Boobs promo.

Loyalty Cards


Be sure to get your loyalty card and have it stamped each visit to receive 25% off every 4th visit! Can not be used in conjunction with any other promo for 4th visit redemption. 

Customer Referral Program

Grab your stack of referral cards next time we see each other if you would like to participate in the new referral program. Each client will fill their name out on all cards And then hand them out to friends and family. The referred party will receive $50 off their first visit and you will receive $100 off your next visit. The referred party must hand back the card at the time of visit to ensure all parties receive proper credit. You can hand out as many referrals as you would like, but a max of 2 discounts can be used per appt. Any additional will remain on your account for your next visit. Can not be used in conjunction with a 4th visit loyalty promo or mailing list promo, although your loyalty card will be stamped. 

Mailing List Promos

Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list (on this page, just scroll down) to receive promos that will be sent out at least once a month.