There’s a Fake Hazel Edwards in this Area

It has recently come to my attention that there is at least one other person presenting herself as Hazel Edwards in the area. I worked hard to make a name for myself and want to ensure I do everything I can to make sure my clients aren’t deceived. If for some reason my main number of 267-666-0016 is not working properly and I temporarily use another line as I have in the past, I will always make sure that temporary number is posted right in this section. Before you respond to texts stating it is me, please check my website and make sure I have listed the number on my site. If there is no other numbers posted on my site, it’s likely not me and at that point please reach out to me and let me know so I can do what’s necessary to ensure it stops. Also, I only have current advertisements on 2 paid sites (no free sites). I advertise on Eros and Slixa. I can not honor any details/ads/listings presented on other hosting sites, nor can I guarantee you are getting this Hazel Edwards. Just always feel free to text my official number 267-666-0016 for verification. 

Also, an email address I had was recently hacked and stolen, do not use or respond to - it is not me!