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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN RELAY TO ALL MY CLIENTS IS TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF TANTRA. THIS ISNT ABOUT HAVING ONE ORGASM AND BEING DONE. IT IS ABOUT TRYING TO FEEL MORE AND MORE PLEASURE THAT WILL BECOME MULTIPLE WAVES OF ORGASMS THROUGHOUT THE SESSION. I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF LEAVING THE DATE IN MY HANDS. JUST LAY THERE AND LET ME DO WHAT I DO BEST. If you feel the urge to orgasm, let it out. I will most likely be able to make it happen a few more times as most people orgasm before my hand even touches below the belt. And remember I am transferring my pleasure to you, so if you feel that way, so do I that’s why I want u to Try My Love Potion 

Basically this section will describe as best as possible who I am and hopefully provide as much information as possible to help you choose if I am the right fit for you. I ask that you read this section in its entirety as my goal is to make you happy, whether u go with me or not and if what I describe below is not what you are looking for, you probably will not enjoy our time together. If what i describe is what u had in mind, text me and we can link up as soon as possible. 

I have posted a short video to verify I am the person on Eros and the only provider on this website. If you book with me, you are getting the girl in the pics and video. I’m very petite, just 5’0 and 96 Lbs. 

I will always always always respond to every intial message although it may take a little time so if you had reached out via the correct method (text Or email) you will hear back from me and if for some reason you haven’t, text again. Because I have other things going on in my life I operate solely by text and email.  If you call me, you are wasting your time. I do not see, hear or get notified of calls and do not check the voicemail. I understand some of you require a call to take place to secure the booking. Regardless of the reason you require voice contact, I will pass on the appointment and I wish you luck. So if you call or ask me to call you, I can tell you now it is not going to happen. 

Here is what you can expect during our date and what I offer/don’t offer. Once we meet up, I’ll likely kick off my shoes and cuddle up with you to watch tv or just chill and bullshit. I’ll turn down the lights and whip out my love potion and whatever happens happens. I AM NOT A PSE provider. All my services are formatted around a tantric experience and will start off with a tantric massage and end with full service. I am NOT there to provide kinky eye popping craziness, i am there to provide companionship and love. Tantra requires very close skin to skin contact. If you are not familiar with the term Tantra, I recommend googling it prior to our date and if you leave the date in my hands and trust that I know what I am doing you will have an experience similar to what is defined as Tantra. I have a very sensual touch, in addition to a very high sexual drive and these combined will result in something you have likely never experienced. Most of my clients say they are leaving the date in my hands then start coming at me like a hopping bunny about half way thru, but the second you take over the tantric feelings are gonna be over and trust me by this point you would have felt them. The only thing that dictates when the appointment is over is the clock. I allow all clients to go as many rounds as  possible during the alloted time. 


Basically as long as you are able to position yourself lying down on your stomach, flat in a bed and can tolerate me sitting on your backside, I can service you. It doesn't matter to me if you have ED or any other kind of disability. My services are unlike any other escorts and an erection is never required to make things feel out of this world. 


All my scheduling as stated already is done by text. Just text me at 267-666-0016 after you have throughly reviewed the site and have a date and time in mind. 

During the scheduling process i will ask you how long of an appoinment you want to do. If u do not respond after I ask that question 2 separate times, i will move on to the next client and you can try again when you are willing to respond to the things i require. Another important factor is location for outcalls, I need full location including room numbers, apartment number or building codes prior to me leaving to drive to you. I will not set out to you until all required info is provided. 

I have an app called BookedIN that I use for scheduling. The app will send a reminder text coming from the number 415-854-0587. If you would rather not receive the text you have to let me know ahead of time. I can also have the reminder sent to an email address instead of a phone number, if you prefer. 


Being that I specialize in Tantra, and do this not based off my looks but moreso my talents and I try to steer away from the BDSM, dominant, fantasy and roll playing aspects, I preform best when I am most comfortable and as you see me in all my pics is my normal desired style. Feel free to send requests but they will not always be accommodated. Also, attire requests will not be considered if not weather appropriate as Im already not a fan of being cold.  


Payment is to be made in cash at introduction. Deposits will only be asked for when booking for a holiday. Holiday rates will be posted once the date approaches. 

If you aren’t sure the amount of time you want to do,  you can pay the max rate of hours and I will refund any leftover money. I will  only stay for the amount of time I have already been compensated for. I will confirm the time of arrival with you once I walk in and introduce myself, and I will confirm the hours you would like me to stay, and confirm the payment. 

If it is a busy time and you decide you want me to stay longer during our visit please understand that this can not always be accommodated. 

The rates posted on my site are firm. I am well aware my services rate higher than any other provider as long as your desired style is compatable to my style discussed in the About Me section. My rate is low compared to Eros standards and my quality is extremely high. Honestly if you can’t afford my rate, you shouldn’t be looking on Eros.

SAFETY is the top priority and safety mesasures are ALWAYS practiced. I do not make any exceptions to this policy and there is NOTHING I DO UNCOVERED, this includes oral. If I receive any texts asking for an exception to be made I simply will not respond to any future texts coming from that number as I have clearly stated the rules regarding this practice. It doesn’t matter if you have clean tests or if other providers practice uncovered, I do not. If any situations arise where this rule is not followed the appointment will end immediately, with or without explanation. I will simply leave or ask you to gather your belongings and leave. The one and only exclusion this policy would be when oral is given to me, as it is not possible to cover this act and this act is at the clients discretion/choice. 

It is necessary for me to apply some oil or lotion for my hands to glide correctly during the massage. I can not do the services without some type of lubricant. if you are not fond of oils or lotions I am open to hear any suggestions you may have. I provide everything that is needed. 

If requested, you may take a quick shower either before, after or before and after at my location. I just ask that you respect my time and make it quick. My Incall location will have fresh sheets for every client. I travel with a bin of sheets that I change after each appointment And wash at home.

Do to the high level of confidentiality extended to all my clients, it is not my practice to take pictures with any clients. 


I already practice what i exceed at and what I love doing which tantric full service. Anything you may enjoy that I haven’t discussed can be discussed during the initial contact prior to appt. once all the specifics are known I will determine if I wanna do it and then I will provide you with a cost. The starting cost is going to exceeed what you normally will see and that is because I do this type of work  because of my specialty, anything outside of my normal practice isn’t my preference, regardless of whether I enjoy it or not.  The starting rates for these services can be found in the Pricing section. Also, no fetishes will even be considered if not discussed prior to you/I arriving. ALL/ANY Butt play would fall in the specialties category. 

I service no matter look, age, marital status, race, religion, sex. The only thing I ask is that if you have a partner please be respectful of that partner and do not bring me in the shared home.


Regarding past customers using me as a reference for other providers, I have no issue for you giving my name and number for a reference. However, if it becomes extreme I will no longer participate. For example, don’t come see me once then use me and expect me to okay 30 references. ill give u like 3 for every visit. It takes time to check the data and one visit doesn’t account for 30 future visits with other providers. Sorry not gonna happen. 

Finally, regardless of whether you book with me or not, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my page. Have a great day !


Hazel Edwards