My Story

Most people wonder how one gets into this type of industry or more importantly why one would want to. People usually assume some type of issue, like drugs or ”daddy issues” brought them into it however neither is the case for me. Here is my story:

I started in this industry in April 2018 while still working at my very boring full time job at a steel brokerage firm. At the time I was 35 years old. As most know, it’s widely stated that women reach a sexual peak in their 30s and for me that absolutely stands true. But in addition to the peak, I also started feeling insane feelings from head to toe of extreme pleasure. At first, they weren’t all the time, just with what I thought at the time was really good sex. The feelings were so extreme and occuring more regularly. I knew what I was feeling wasn’t something that every sexually active person was feeling and in addition, I was feeling these pleasures at times when I wasn’t being sexually intimate with someone. I started researching what I was experiencing  and all my research was pointing to one particular word, TANTRA. As time went on, I started realizing I had the capabilities to transfer these intense feelings to the person I am with. When I first started as an escort, I was still unsure of what exactly I was feeling and still not extremely confident at my booking, but as I learned more about myself and grew more confident and comfortable during my bookings, it was clear I wouldn’t be brokering steel much longer. In July 2019, I was let go from my full time position and took on this gig full time, because it’s what I enjoy doing and what I wanna be doing. Please make sure you read over my reviews, as you should be able to make out that what I am saying here isn’t a sales pitch, it’s the dead’s honest truth. Over time, I have been able to format the perfect hour of pleasure and I can pretty much guarantee you, you will be blown away by my performance during our time together, as long as you allow me to remain in charge. If you are the type of person that wants to take charge during sessions, I prefer you see another provider. More details will be explained further in the site about specifics, but I just wanted to give everyone a brief info to what brought me into this. Thanks for taking the time to read my site. I know it’s long and time consuming but I also want to make sure you have a pretty good idea of what our time will be like so neither of us are caught off guard or put in an awkward situation.  🖤 Hazel